Flight Training

Excel Charter Ltd. / M.W. Helicopters Ltd. are CAA approved to conduct PPL and Type-Rating Instruction on a variety of helicopters.

The type-rating/conversion course is designed to familiarise the pilot with the differences in aerodynamics, mechanics, technology, operation and performance, together with an understanding of the differences in emergency procedures.  The course length is specific to each aircraft.  The time that you will require depends very much on the individual and their level of experience.  The instructor will ensure that you are ready for your test and to fly the new type safely and with confidence.

First turbine conversion - minimum of 5-hours flight training

Additional turbine types - minimum of 2-hours flight training *

First multi-engine type - minimum of 8-hours flight training

Additional multi-engine - minimum of 5-hours flight training

* Subject to approval and students experience/pre-entry requirements

The courses are generally run over a 3-day (for single engine) or 5-day (multi-engine) period.  M.W. Helicopters is also a registered training facility enabling us to offer ab-initio training for the issue of a Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter) You will need to take a Proficiency Check (PC) test annually on each type that you fly with one of our examiners to maintain currency.