Helicopter Fleet


Very much the workhorse of the fleet, G-CPOL can be configured to various different roles.

Medevac/HEMS – can be fitted with a single stretcher fit for patient transport to or between hospitals.  The twin-engine/Helipad performance enables the aircraft to operate out of tight and built-up areas both at the point of departure (race courses, motor racing venues, etc) and on arrival at the hospital.

The aircraft is also fitted with a TETRA radio system for communication with other emergency services.  With our own Leo 400 (dual sensor, optical and infra red) camera, Night Sun and down-link ability, this aircraft is often configured in a Police-style role.  It has been used by Police forces and ourselves for events such as the British Grand Prix, at Silverstone.

Surveying – With the rear seats taken out and the co-pilot's seat turned round the cabin has plenty of room for any equipment to be set up.  Recording data from a camera system (for railway, pipeline or cable inspections) or from sensitive altitude equipment (for land surveys).

This machine has recently been used with LiDAR (Laser Altimetry) and FLIR (forward looking infra red) equipment installed.