Helicopter Fleet


In six seat configuration (5 passengers, 1 pilot).

120 kts (140 mph) cruise, 3-hours fuel endurance.

Range of 360 nm (415 miles).

Group-A / Helipad approved.

Aircraft is on high-skids with sliding doors both sides.

This machine can also be reconfigured in a “Medevac” role with either a single or dual stretcher.

This machine is ideal as a filming platform with the camera mounted on a universal boom, a side or a nose mount, with high-skids giving the extra room needed.

Aerial photography is also ideal with windows in each door, or with a safety harness either door can be opened in flight to give the photographer an unrestricted view.  The steps on the high-skids give the cameraman greater stability.

The aircraft has also been fitted with a TETRA radio fit for communication with other emergency services.