Medevac & H.E.M.S

Four of our fleet of Twin Squirrel helicopters can be re-configured to take a variety of stretcher fits, for one or two patients.

The AS355 Twin Squirrel offers several advantages in this role:

  • Twin-engine performance, enabling work in congested/crowded areas.  Both at the incident site and the receiving hospital.
  • 140mph top speed to transfer patients quickly.
  • Ease of access for stretcher with sliding doors and high-skids.
  • Light-weight helicopter allows for more payload; paramedic, doctor and patient.

The stretcher fit can either be a light-weight, foldable stretcher for easy patient loading or unloading.  A fitted Heli-Dyne arrangement; a stretcher on a movable turntable inside the helicopter.  Or two scoop stretchers, one above the other to the left of the pilot.  Our helicopters also have TETRA fitted to communicate/co-ordinate with other emergency services.

Excel Charter have been providing Medevac services to the Motorsport Industry for many years and are proud to have covered:

  • British Grand Prix
  • World Superbikes
  • British Superbikes
  • World Touring Cars
  • British Touring Cars
  • A1 Grand Prix
  • German Touring Car (DTM)
  • FIA GT (Sportscar Series)
  • Le Mans Series
  • Rally Wales
  • Rally Ireland
  • Plus many other events around the United Kingdom and Ireland

Through our involvement in these events we have a very good working knowledge of all the circuits and associated hospitals within the U.K.